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Why Yami Bakura x Yami Malik?

Well, Malik x Ryou is my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! yaoi couple. Then, my little ecchi mind started to wonder how would it turn out if it were Yami Bakura and Yami Malik, instead of slightly-psychotic Malik and seemingly-innocent Ryou. So I yami-sized the hikari couple and got two psychos and lots of yummy bondage!

About the Site

The fanlisting is hosted by Populli.org, was approved by The Fanlistings on July 25, 2003, and it has been open since August 4, 2003.

About the Layout

Version 3: 'Kasai Akutenshi', which translates to something along the lines of 'Fallen Angels of the Flame' uses DIV layers, Iframes, PHP and CSS. If you have 800x600 resolution, press F11 to view the layout in all its sexiness. It features Tomb Robber Bakura and Yami Malik being sexy, duh. X3 Now, I'd like to quote Zephyr, who made this beautiful on what she has to say about it:
Corner sitting iframes, wierd div-layer composition to make the scrollbar transparent, and two sexy bishies! All you ever really need! o_0
God, I love her! XD