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 YGO Yaoi Clique

Donata Desu Ka? - Pharaoh Yami FL

Gotta Problem?! - Joey Wheeler FL

King of Games - Yami No Yuugi FL

Freaky Fish Guy - Mako Tsunami FL

Winged Dragon of Ra - Malik Ishtar FL

Puppy Love - Seto x Joey FL

Malik's Rod - Sennen Rod FL

Psycho - Yami Malik FL

My Life - Malik Ishtar Network

Moon...Tsuki...Lu:na! - Lu:na FL

Blessed Awakening - YGO Fansite

Wanted - Ryou Bakura and Yami No Bakura Network

Psychotic Twin - Malik x Marik FL

Trust Me - Bakura x Malik FL

Akatsuki - Yami Bakura x Ryou x Thief King FL

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